Summer Solstice Festival Success!

“Words cannot express how aglow we are with gratitude and how full our hearts are after this weekend. We thank our fellow artists and performers who endeavored to make this first experimental festival as magickal as it was. We hope that this is merely the beginning. More so, we hope those of you who attended take with you that sense of immediacy, connectivity and inspiration home or wherever you may travel with you, that you would sing your song and share your craft with the world. Your song deserves to be heard, your story deserves to be told. You are miraculous.
Special shout out to Willow and Scott for providing the tea house and a killer late night DJ line up, to Tasty (Chris Taylor) for cooking up some fantastic festy grub, to Stephen Hamilton Kozak for the sound and stage support and last but not least, Anthony Breazeale and Nicole Swingle for working your asses off and providing us all such a sacred space to celebrate.

With love and gratitude, – Solstice Staff”

-words from our drummer, Anthony on the festival experience


It was such a pleasure to perform alongside such new and experienced talents alike over this turning of the seasons. More music to come!

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