Shai Tuesday @ Coopers 8/31

8-31 Preppy posterCome join us for an evening to benefit the pups, the kitties and all the other wonderful animals that Animal Save and Sammie’s Friends provide services for. Here is when you get to see some punks who love animals (possibly more than humans) come together for a night of original music– raw and real.
This is a donation based entry and all funds go to these two organizations, so please be generous if you can.

Sammie’s Friends


This is also a joint birthday show as Jordan Nelson a.k.a. Preppy the Clown turns 30! And Rose from Shai Tuesdays birthday falls on the 30th! It will surely be a night of celebrating animal lives– furry and non-furry alike.

Doors open at 7, music begins 8ish– enjoy Coopers 26 tap handles!



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