Shai Tuesday on Punky’s Mixtape!

Lend us your ears and tune in to Punky’s mixtape on Twitch December 9th at 8pm! As we air out our singles we released in July- We will also be plugging (with a sneak preview of) our first upcoming album “Monsters In The Deep” and showing the premier of “Brainwashed Babe’s” music video!
Thanks to Punky for searching out local and worldwide underground music to share to your audience, we are honored to be a part of your catalogue now.Come tune in to Punky’s Mixtape to hear our singles and see our new music video, Dec. 9th!ALL LINKS BELOW!
Punky’s Mixtape is a multi-genre underground music & art show on Twitch. We play the very best from all around the world, have featured interviews, live musical performances, comedy, geek news & much more.

“We love what Punky brings out of the underground musical woodwork!”

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