Summer Music and Drums!

We are happy to get to play this little private festival once again, and with such a fun line-up! Park Street Riot really brings the fun and dancing! And with two of our three band members double hitting the lineup with their 2nd bands- Leif in Weapons of Jones, and Rose in Zuki Bomb.

Rose enjoying a pre-show bubbly, because every singer knows carbonation is great before a gig. Also, Rose admits to burping often during her singing, she says “When you sing like I do, no one notices if you are growling or burping, and if they did, I wouldn’t care anyways.”

Shiny new band identity spurge!

Everyone knows a mark of a band is when their resonant head has their name on it. Big thanks again to Gary Eli for creating such an awesome logo for us! We love our bass drum head!

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