Shai Tuesday is a 3-piece band consisting of members Rose Ayala (vocals, guitars), Mike Wronski (bass) and Leif Mondi (drums, percussion). Each in this aural experiment brings their eclectic musical histories to the table to weave a living, breathing sonic tapestry that dances wistfully between and amongst genres, defying the easily definable.
         Combining Mike’s masterful, subsonic five-string thunder with the haunting, soulful voices and eclectic electric guitar musings brought by Rose, and Leif’s dynamic, expressive drum stylings, Shai Tuesday brings the funk, rock, jazz-punk-bluegrass-fusion and whatchamacallits to the stage and dancefloor.
        Shai Tuesday calls home the beautiful Sierra foothills of Nevada County. We look forward to dancing and playing with you on our musical adventures in the future, dearest travelers and listeners of strange songs!

Shai Tuesday just released their debut album, On What You Are, at Thunder Castle Studios (8-27-21). Support us by following us on BandCamp or adding to our Virtual Tip Jar! >>>>https://shaituesday.bandcamp.com/

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Shai Tuesday tour dates


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