“Shai Tuesday…a female led trio from the rustic gold country of Northern California.  Despite their youthfulness,  listening to these rockers will transport you to the psychedelic 60s, all the while retaining a modern, progressive edge.  Rose Ayala,  the beautiful, tattooed singer-guitarist will capture you with her original style,  switching from soothing vocalizations to a deep throaty growl that drives straight to the bone. Her unique string-strumming is accompanied by the steady thumping bass of Mike Wronski and the smooth, percussive battery of Anthony (Leif)  Mondi. Give this Folksy-Funky, hard-rocking band your single-minded attention, they are beyond description…immersion is the only categorization for this one of a kind experience.”

Jasiah Witkofsky – Writer/Artist /RabbleRouser

“Shai Tuesday was the last show I saw before Covid shut things down, and the first I caught when they opened back up. It was the perfect exodus and re-entry into socializing. They have a big presence and keep the room alive. The crowds they drew were animatedly chill, and totally enjoyable. Their music is a wild mixture of psychedelic and hard rock. Serenading you with beautiful refrains then cutting the f**k loose. They are a pleasure to watch. I’m wholly impressed with the talent and soul of this group.” 

Noel Manis – Bladesmith/ Sculptor

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